Buy Taser C2, X26, M18 From An Authorized Taser Dealer-Free Accessories and Shipping!


Authorized Taser Dealer offering Free accessories and Free shipping when you buy a Taser!

Buy Taser C2, X26, M18 From An Authorized Taser Dealer-Free Accessories and Shipping!

The TASER C2 is gaining popularity as a personal protective mechanism – and for wellbeing reason. Violent crime can thump anyone, in any neighborhood, and at any point Being able to guard oneself from a violent start want enough to avoid and christen the police can mean the difference between life and death in some cases Many citizens are concerned for their safety but do not sense what defensive weapon to manage Firearms are strictly regulated in many states and some kinsfolk tidily are not comfortable with the lethal pressure produce of using a firearm lambaste an attacker. TASER zeal weapons provide an effective option to firearms and sprays for self-defense TASER weapons are supplementary effective than sprays and less lethal than firearms In fact, TASER weapons are designed to quite incapacitate an attacker but not to kill them The difficulty of use of a TASER vigour weapon, along with the built-in safety features, furthermore makes it an appealing option for many people. A TASER delectation weapon is successful in 95% of cases where police officers use it to tame a criminal. These devices are moreover far less likely to maul any childlike family nearby While some electronic master devices necessitate the user to actually touch the attacker with the tool the C2 can be used from up to 15 feet away This is because the C2 fires two trivial darts that are connected to the engine with insulated wires. The TASER cede then deliver an electric rouse to ruin the attackers neuromuscular practice for up to 30 seconds allowing the user necessary circumstance to elude from the situation In an effort to troops law-abiding citizens from the abuse of TASER devices the group has developed an Anti-Felon ID style The C2 commit not venture without an ID card inserted into the weapon Obtaining an AFID card requires a malefactor background test Each cartridge is also then packed with bar-coded chips that spot the unique serial number of the cartridge In this practice jurisprudence enforcement personnel can pathway the discharged cartridge back to the original purchaser This system is designed to deteriorate the chances of criminals getting or using a TASER electronic break tool The C2 is now made of 9 unique finishes: Black Pearl, Electric Blue, Titanium Silver and Metallic Pink in cattle now. The Desert Camouflage, Forest Camouflage, Leopard Print, Fashion Pink and Red Hot are coming to our storeroom soon! Also, assessment out our civilian Taser X26 and Taser M18 available now.

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