GULI-Another unique fashion


GULI like the brighten of means that pure,fresh and retain the mood of high-end luxury,it has amazed the complete world.Who is GULI?and many people leave hold this questionGulnara Karimova,the chie..

GULI-Another unique fashion

GULI-Another unique fashion

GULI like the embellish of practice that pure,fresh and posses the disposition of high-end luxury,it has amazed the finished world

Who is GULI?and many kinsfolk consign obtain this question.Gulnara Karimova,the important designer of GULI has answered,”GULI is the High-end custom brand with perfact fusion of public features and closing fashionIt has grumous flavor of central asia,no problem the cloth,jewelry findings, perfume or the beads,it’s Marvelous with them around your.i assume all of the women or even men obtain the motive to own it . That’s GULI,the unique brand”

The confidence of the designer not only come from the brand’s Super high-end positioning,when you bring close to the products of GULI,you can find out it has fecund colors and casual ornament with deep ethnic flavor , high-end meterial and exclusive custom-made that shows the tiptop standard of the brand–This is the procedure that GULI has brought from the internaitonal routine stage of Milan ,New York and so on

On China fashion week,GULI had left the surprised products–High waist pants, stout fleabane ale fleabane skirt, and dress, and civic style in chapan robes, and difficult marking motif of mini menial bag and boots, all kinds of skin and velvet germane of ornament.Those workshop put the Silk, velvet, knitted and twine to exquisitely use,merge the ordinary form and Ikat tie-dye pattern means together,boldly use richelieu manual catch embroidery technology in cloth,it has riched the haunt of the complete pictur–these beauty display the pleasing flavour of the designer,what’s more,it is delivering a new practice to China and all over the world

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With the collection of eastern moderation and western fashion,the brand of GULI contains different way but without conflict,the scintillate that the figure afflatus impacts shows different contemporary means style

The professional individual considered,GULI has blowed up a coarse wind rely on its framework choosen,product pattern and brand idea,while the world’s practice industry want the freshness like this.

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