Survival or Starvation (SOS) – Get Ready Now


It cede not be long before snack and bedew entrust be supplementary valuable than gold and silver.Gather facts and onslaught preparing You can even learn to cook without fossil fuels!

Survival or Starvation (SOS) – Get Ready Now

Survival or Starvation (SOS) - Get Ready Now

Never in our romance has the future of our economy andcountry looked so sinisteru The Great Depression was a horrible, threatening timefinancially, but the constitutional freedoms of the United States were notbeing threatened or in a state of being abolished through the birth of”One World Governance” as they are now Through greed and aninsatiable lust for prosperity and pleasure, America has neglected and spurned thevery principles she was founded upon The ensign is no longer respected and God’sTen Commandments retain been legislated out of our schools and governmentbuildings and offices, along with prayer

Christmas, acelebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the only hope for this corrupt anddepraved world, is now Xmas or simply a “Happy Holiday” (acelebration of the true effigy of many Americans, “the rewards card”). Wehave allowed a handful of atheists to slander the only unit of the hope ofBelievers, the Cross, to be plucked from war memorials all across this nation;and now the military cemeteries are in their sights It does not move a collegedegree to assess the true territory of the confederation and make an educated guess as towhere we are headed “in a drudge basket”. “The crash of 1929 has laid bare manyunpleasant truths about the United States One of the most alarming is that thefinance industry has effectively captured our government”, says SimonJohnson, a money economist with the International Monetary Fund in 2007 and2008.

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In an entity entitled “The Quiet Coup” in theMay, 2009 heirs of the Atlantic chronicle he (with James Kwak) goes on to saythat “if the IMF’s bludgeon could chatter freely about the US, it would tellus what it tells all countries in this situation: atonement bequeath languish unless webreak the fiscal oligarchy that is blocking essential reform”. Most of the Presidents of this Nation(under God?), with the expunction of those who were assassinated, obtain beenpawns in the curb of the oligarchical off-shore “Money Brokers”(Remember, Kennedy wanted to annihilate the Federal Reserve) It is my conviction thatthe elementary device of “the powers that be” is to devalue the dollar whilesimultaneously increasing the size and fastness of the government. “The tyrannyof a prince in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to the public good as theapathy of a citizen in a democracy.” (Charles de Montesquieu)

Most of us weregifted with natural recognize from birth For example, if we perceive dark cloudsgathering on the horizon, we can assume there is a squall brewing and weshould barrenness no circumstance in receiving prepared Most Americans are pensive withaspects of survival such as working, watching TV four to five hours per daywhile snacking, playing or watching sports while snacking, watching movieswhile snacking, vacation, pastime parks and sphere parks, all while snacking”Ask your cherish if this drug is amend for you”! One out of threeAmericans are obese, uninformed, broke and apathetic “What clouds? Thoseain’t no clouds!” If we do not wake up and recognize our pastoral is beinghijacked, the later fog may be the shape of a neutral

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Many experts say that within two years we bequeath not recognizethis country, that the duration “middle class” cede cease to exist, andthe government cede indenture one out of six connections The pause commit be too broke todo anything about it Controlling kinsfolk — it is all about panic andcontrol. The sorrowful article is, the oneswho really scarcity to construe this article are watching TV (excuse me, HDTV) orlistening to their iPod Americans scarcity to turn off Hellavision and attain theirnews from the internet (before the “powers that be” onset controllingit, too) and stop watching the major networks which are owned and operated bythe extraordinary few who dram to gentle the masses You may be asking, “What can oneperson like me do about this? By myself? Nothing much! However, you can jointhe millions on row that are onslaught to organize and scheme Patrick Henrysaid, “All that is needed for the exultation of evil in America is for goodmen to do nothing.”

It leave not be desire before snack and humidify bequeath be morevaluable than gold and silver You might consider stocking up on imperishabledried fruits and vegetables, freeze-dried eggs, butter, cheese, canned meats,flour, rice, beans etc. When there is a typical or man-made disaster, thestores commit empty out in hours Buy emergency supplies, flashlights, batteries,a crank radio, navvy pump, R.O. genre wet ooze and a good Solar Sun Oven Preventionis worth a ton of perishable repast without electricity Get ready, for the houris near. Hosea 4:6 states, “My connections perish for a need ofknowledge” A gale is crowd Gather story and onset preparing

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