Knowledge about manganese powder briquetting machine


Electrolytic manganese metal is manganese powder:metal powderis produced with electrolysis, atomization, ring milling method, they were physical change. Mainly used in diamond tools, powder metallurgy and more industries

Knowledge about manganese powder briquetting machine

Knowledge about manganese powder briquetting machine

Electrolytic manganese metal is the highest item related of manufacturingmanganous-manganic oxide, because of its gangling purity, low impurities, it is theimportant alloy plane for producing stainless steel, high-strength low-alloysteel, aluminum manganese alloy, manganese copper assortment and so on, furthermore the indispensableraw relevant for welding electrodes, ferrite, lasting magnetite combination elements,and many chemical manganese vigour production; the new maturation damping alloyis furthermore used in electrolytic manganese metal In ended years, creation aluminousindustry become the prime user of electrolytic manganese metal.

In iron and steel industry, electrolyticmanganese metal is further used as deoxidizer and desulfurizing agent. Accordingto statistics, every per ton steel sink 006kgelectrolytic manganese metal natural With the metallurgy technology developing,high performance steel and spraying metallurgy technology has greatdevelopment, the electrolytic manganese metal powder application inmetallurgical industry has been increasing, digit expansion, halt through theabove mentioned indexes

Electrolytic manganese metal productionprocess: electrolytic manganese metal is clammy metallurgical products of manganese,in the years of china forging practice, it generally use the “leaching– cleansing — electrolytic” manufacture technology. Mainly use manganesecarbonate powder and inorganic sour reaction, preparing manganese saltsolution, adding ammonium zest as buffer agent, using the system of addingoxidant to be oxidated and removing iron, adding curative agent to withdraw heavymetals, through ” settlement — percolate — deep ablution — filter” that real manganese sulfate solution, after the additive was added, asthe electrolyte into electrolytic, to originate manganese

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