New Technology in Diamond Properties Analysis


Isee2 squad has . a . that workshop as a retail selling aegis allowing buyers to pace the loveliness of a diamond beyond its .. graded . charm is its sellin

New Technology in Diamond Properties Analysis

New Technology in Diamond Properties Analysis

Isee2 crew has developed a technology that factory as a retail selling help allowing buyers to rhythm the attractiveness of a diamond beyond its classically graded propertiesA diamond’s allure is its selling level and can differentiate between diamonds graded alike that body that makes an uncommon diamond outshine the others Isee2 technology can make such gospel analysisHow it works

The technology is based on a software that analyzes the diamond with the assistance of two devices: one measuring the dent excellence aspects while the fresh is a rangy firmness magnifier used to scrutinize the ionized address on the table of every Isee2 diamondThe diamond is scanned by a camera that sends the images to a computer which processes 48 different lighting positions during its calculations Thus are made quest evaluations of: the amount of illuminate reciprocal from the diamond , the degree of contrast between the 57 facets and the sort of the mark (brilliance, scintillation and symmetry)Diamonds face differ when heuristic in diffuse/ambient illuminate conditions. Strong adorn conditions emphasize ignite and scintillation whereas in softer brighten the optical beauty is emphasised moreUnlike BrillianceScope, Isee2 performs its analysis in broadcast decorate conditions Diamonds that perform well on Isee2 analysis will look smashing in softer irradiate conditions. If the diamond is well graded on the BrillianceScope it consign look stunning in conclusive illuminate conditionsThis technology facilitates the option sarcasm by permitting buyers to be convinced of the qualities of a kernel all by themselves without the aid of a layman .

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